Fall Update…What’s Been Happening With the Meza’s!

Where has the year gone?!?!?

The last time I had a chance to write a blog was while we were in Costa Rica…sadly, I never posted it and it got erased. Costa Rica? Yes, we spent the month of July in Costa Rica at the YWAM base in San Jose helping with Homes of Hope, hosting a team, and training staff from the base in Honduras on how to build. It was a great trip. Oliver did so well on his first International flight! My best friend from Canada met us there, and her parents gave us a place to stay for the last few days of our trip. It was a much-needed time to relax and have fun as a family. Relaxation, something we hadn’t had since Oliver’s arrival.

Before Costa Rica, we were at the base in Tijuana for 3 months while Walter was taking the secondary school on Community Development. Helping with Homes of Hope in Costa Rica and training those from Honduras fit in great with all Walter had learned during the school.

Shortly after returning back to our base in Ensenada, Oliver and I left for our 2nd trip to Alaska to be with my family. We spent just under 4 weeks there. Which made a total of 7 weeks spent with my family in 4 months. They (and the 2 of us) were very thankful for this time together. Oliver has been growing like crazy, and my family enjoyed the time with him and getting to know his personality. They even got to witness his first tooth come in, and the first time he stood all on his own 🙂

Mid September, Oliver and I were back in Ensenada. As soon as I got back, I went right into working with Homes of Hope again. I am back to team contact: contacting the team leaders, organizing all upcoming builds, overseeing the trips, and assigning team captains when we have multiple build weekends.

Walter has continued to work with Homes of Hope as well, as one of the main A builders. When he is not building, he is doing odd jobs around the base to fix the place up, and helping with ministries when it’s needed.

November brings a busy month of house builds and preparing for our big Thanksgiving party! We are still looking at Christmas plans and what we will do to celebrate seeing as though we will probably not have Walter’s visa worked out in time.

With that, please pray for us and the process of getting Walter his visa to go to the USA. We have just started working with a lawyer, and it seems to be a bit more complicated and time-consuming than we had thought.

Here are some pics from Walter’s school in TJ, Costa Rica, Alaska, and recent builds in Ensenada. 🙂


Walter and other students in the Community Development School


Walter with his diploma for completing the Community Development School


The graduating class


Out on a build in Costa Rica 🙂


Last house build in Costa Rica…our group helped build 5 homes in the 3 weeks we were there


Our 2nd house build in CR


Our makeshift bathtub for Oliver while in CR!!


We got to be a part of Christmas in July for a large group of kids in Costa Rica. The team we were hosting partnered with Samaritan’s Purse and passed out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Such an awesome experience for me who helped pack these all growing up!!!


Oliver’s first house build…and it was in Costa Rica. We didn’t do much but watch, interact, and serve lunch…it was a concrete house, hard work!


Walter helping train a staffer from Honduras. This was at the San Jose base.


Serving lunch at a house build 🙂


A completed home in Costa Rica…the 2nd.


Our great friend (Walter refers to him as Dad) came all the way from Canada to Costa Rica to meet Oliver and build a home with Walter.


Family Picture…taken during our family time on our last day!!


Shaving the Styrofoam for the concrete house


September house build in Ensenada


September house build in Ensenada


One of Walter’s base odd jobs…sanding and repainting the staircase railing



Family Picture while Oliver and I were in Alaska

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3 thoughts on “Fall Update…What’s Been Happening With the Meza’s!

  1. Y Project Funding Office

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the updates.
    Be blessed,

  2. Y Project Funding Office

    Thanks for your update

  3. Always enjoy hearing how you guys are doing!! Miss you!!
    Our prayers continue for you all:)!!
    Tom & Michele

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