About Time!!!

Yes, it is indeed about time I write-up another blog to update all on what’s been going on this year!

Oliver is now 15 months old and all over the place! He loves any kind of sport, preferring soccer, but is also showing interest already in the skateboard or anything that involves being outside. He LOVES books and is such a funny kid who enjoys putting on a show for anyone willing to pay attention to him and laugh 🙂 Everything seems to be his personal jungle gym right now as well, and I can’t turn away for long! We’re still working on his language skills; but he’s for sure got down bye (also his signal for when he is bored somewhere and wither needs a change in scenery or to leave wherever he’s at), shoes, goal/score, vroom, and loves animal sounds.


Loves the outdoors ❤


There are so many children on base now…Oliver is never hurting for socialization!


If there is a ball around, that’s where his attention will be!




Easter Sunday 2015

Walter and I are as busy as ever full-time with Homes of Hope. Our roles have been changing a bit this year and we’re still trying to learn what that is exactly! I am transitioning out of team contact for a time and will be focusing on the ministry of Family Selection and more of the administrative/communications side within the ministry homes of hope and our staff. Walter continues to be a builder, but is also involved in Family Selection, prep for team arrivals, and helping with a new way of doing Family Profiles. Our goal is to be able to film the family’s tell the teams a bit about themselves and show their current living situations for us to send out beforehand to the teams along with the written information they’ve already been getting. We hope this will be a better way to prepare the teams beforehand and give them a neat tool to share their families information within the group, church, and anyone sponsoring the trip. The video’s will have subtitles as well 🙂

Here is a link to a previous trial video we did for a team back in November: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWO9c-kIqa4

Also, May 22-24 we will be celebrating 25 years of Homes of Hope here in Ensenada/Tijuana! There will be 10 houses will be built in Ensenada and 15 will be built in Tijuana, a big celebration, and lots of hard work! Here is a promo video and info link for anyone interested in coming down to be a part of it:


In June we have another meeting for families to come and hear about Homes of Hope and find out what they need to be able to qualify. We expect a very bit turnout. Walter and I will be part of the team leading that and all the interviews and land visits that follow.

The BIGGEST event coming very soon will be the arrival of our second child, due May 5th! Today marks exactly 4 weeks until the due date. I am so happy to have my Mom and sister (s) coming once again to help out before and after. They arrive the 25th of April to join us in the waiting game 🙂

A special thanks to those who keep us in your prayers and support us as we continue to serve here in Ensenada, Mexico!

A blurry iPhone pic, but the most recent we have of all 3 of us :) Easter Sunday 2015

A blurry iPhone pic, but the most recent we have of all 3 of us 🙂 Easter Sunday 2015


35 weeks pregnant

Look for a blog next week with all the baby details! (Registry, Needs, yes even the GENDER will officially be announced)

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