Family, a Wedding,Vacation, Christmas and a Birthday!!!!!

In July, Kelsey was so excited to have her parents, siblings and spouses all come to Ensenada to celebrate the marriage of her brother Jake and now sister-in-law Rebecca. It was the first time the 3 cousins were together and the first time for the whole Miller gang to be together in a couple of years. It was a wonderful 4 days and a beautiful celebration. We can’t wait until Walter has his visa or green card and is able to travel to the USA and spend time with all of Kelsey’s family.

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In November, we were so incredibly blessed by some friends (basically family) in Canada who wanted to treat us to a week away from work and responsibilities and help us to relax and spend some needed time away as a family. We had been nonstop working for months (seems the usual for us) and were running on empty. It was an amazing time away though! We stayed in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun that was family friendly and plenty to keep the boys occupied. It was Walter’s first time staying at a resort like that and his first time going anywhere and not keeping busy; he was forced to relax and enjoy the moment. I didn’t have to cook or clean or do dishes for a week! We enjoyed hot, sunny weather in the middle of November. The boys enjoyed pool time and beach time. We had so much fun and we felt refreshed and renewed. We are so thankful to have been given this opportunity!!!! God knows when his kids need a little pampering 🙂

For Christmas, we were here in Ensenada and celebrated as a family. I introduced Walter to a few of my family’s traditions. My family sent so many fun things to the boys, we enjoyed time together, and we gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for always going above and beyond for us. It was a great time.

The day after Christmas was Oliver’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe he is two already. He brings us so much joy. He has such a wonderful personality, is friendly, smart and just so much fun to be around. He can be ornery as heck, but we love him so much!
To celebrate we had a car themed day and I made him a race track cake, which he loved. He is slightly obsessed with cars, monster trucks, work trucks…anything on wheels!



Thank you 2015 for bringing us so much joy, laughter, memories, and personal growth. We look forward to 2016 and what’s in store!


Blessings and Love,
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver and Reagan

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