Spring Update

Hello Everyone!

We hope this new post finds everyone happy and doing well!

It is now mid April. Oliver is 2 years and 3 1/2 months old, loves any and all cars (monster trucks in particular). He has started talking and it is so fun watching him progress and learn new things. Reagan is just shy of turning 1 (May 1st). I can’t believe my baby is growing so fast. He has just started standing and walking on his own. For walking he still prefers to hold your hand or walk with something, but I know any day he will move away from that security. Reagan says Mama, Mom and Dada; and he can wave and give kisses and hugs. Both boys are such a delight and I love being their Mom and feel so blessed to have that job!

Walter continues to work with Homes of Hope full-time. He is one of the main builders and also part of the family selection team. They just hosted a day to share about HOH and how to apply and qualify for a home and have been busy doing interviews and site visits the past few weeks.

I am still working with Homes of Hope as the team contact. I work with the teams to organize all the details for their time here in Ensenada. I also schedule all the staff needed for the different teams, who will be doing their transportation and working with them every day. That has been tough sometimes because I am dealing with staff and all their different schedules, trying to make it all work well! On top of all my work with Homes of Hope, I have just finished week 1 of staffing the 3 month Bible Core Course. From now until July 1st I will be attending morning class 3 to 4 days a week and grading the homework of 2 of our 21 students. The last time I worked with the school was 3 years ago while pregnant with Oliver. While I’m in class, Walter is on base with the boys so I can leave if they need me. It’s going to be quite the adjustment for Walter, but it will be good for the 3 of them to have more time together.



Prayers are appreciated though as we just keep staying busy and working hard. We need to find a balance between family and ministry. Some of the things we’ve been working through lately are when to say no, when is it time to step back and take a break, is it wrong to want time off to spend with the family, do you go home to your family after a build or spend time with the team. It’s not easy being in ministry and wanting to invest in that and also having a young family at the same time.

Here’s to the next few months and until I find time to write another blog post! Stay healthy and keep seeking the Lord and His plans! No matter where you are and what you do, He can and will use those who are available to Him.

With Love,
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver & Reagan



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  1. Y Project Funding Office

    Hi Walter and Kelsey,

    Thanks for your latest update!



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