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Walter is “100 % Mexicano” as he likes to put it. He was born in the State of Sinaloa, but grew up here in Ensenada with his mother and only brother, Javier, who is 9 years younger than he is. Walter entered YWAM when he was 17 to participate in the summer Mission Adventures program. It was here in YWAM that Walter gave his life to Christ and decided that he would dedicate his life to serving God and others. He did his DTS in Mazatlan, Mexico fall of 2008; but due to a terrible accident right before Christmas, he was unable to leave for outreach and had come to home to Ensenada to finish healing. He broke numerous ribs, punctured his lungs, was in a coma for a week, just to name a few of his injuries. The following year, Walter was able to return to Mazatlán and join a DTS team going to South Africa for outreach. In February, 2010, Walter graduated his DTS, became a YWAMer, and returned to Ensenada where he signed on as full-time staff. Since then, Walter has been involved in many areas; base maintenance, Mission Adventure staff, team host, translator, HOH staff- B builder and A builder, and is now in charge of setup for team arrivals and part of the Family Selection team.

Walter’s dream is to start a surf ministry and bring in kids from the poor communities who never get a chance to come to the ocean, teach them to surf and about the love of God.



Kelsey was born in Kansas, but had grown up in Alaska from the age of 4. She is the oldest of 8 children. Growing up, Kelsey always had a heart for missions and wanted to be like Mother Teresa. In high school, she studied Spanish and was waiting for the opportunity to go and practice with native speakers. After studying in University  for a summer and fall semester, she decided to take time off to do her DTS. Kelsey had applied to different schools- Brasil, France, Mexico and others. The only one that responded with a yes was Ensenada, Mexico. So in January 2008, Kelsey left home for the first time to go to another country (also for the first time). During her outreach in Central Mexico, God gave her a heart for the people and the ministries here. She decided to stay on that summer and work with the Mission Adventures program. After returning home, she left once again, this time for Costa Rica. In January, 2009, Kelsey took the Children at Risk school in Costa Rica with YWAM. When she finished, she returned to Ensenada to work with summer Mission Adventures again. Fall 2009, Kelsey decided to stay in Ensenada to take the 3 month Bible Core Course. After going home for a few months, Kelsey went back to Ensenada and signed on as full-time staff. For 2 years, Kelsey worked in different areas on base; DTS staff, Mission Adventures, hospitality, kitchen, HOH staff, and Bible school staff, etc. In August 2012, Kelsey left for 6 months to teach English at a local elementary school. In February 2013, was asked if she would be able to help staff the Bible school once again. In July, Kelsey took over as team contact for Homes of Hope (HOH) and sets up everything for the teams that come and build and oversees that their whole time here in Ensenada goes well. She is also a part of the Family Selection team.





Our firstborn! He was born on December 26, 2013 in Ensenada, Mexico. He is an absolute joy to be around, smiling and laughing all the time. He is full of energy and a total boy, always into everything, and loves to make a mess. We are so blessed by him and so thankful to have a son.

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