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The Meza’s (somewhat) quarterly update ;)

Hello everyone,

We hope this finds you all having a great year so far. We got back from holiday vacations January 10th and have been running non-stop ever since.

In December, the kids and I went to Alaska for a month to visit with my family. My parents and all their kids and grandkids were home for the holidays and it was a very special time. Oliver and Reagan really enjoyed it and still talk regularly about their time at GiGi’s house and how they want to go back. Adeline loved her uncles and the her new girl cousins, one of whom was born while we were there! Oliver celebrated his 4th birthday in Alaska and his Uncle James and GiGi took him to see his first movie at the theatre, and then for ice cream, he had so much fun. Walter went to Canada for the week of Christmas and stayed with some family/friends/long time supporters of his. It was a much-needed break for us all, but we definitely look forward to the day we can travel to the USA together and not have to split up.

December 2017 marked the end of Walter’s 10 year ban for entering the USA. We are currently in contact with an immigration lawyer in California and working on determining the best way to get his paperwork taken care of. We have faith that this Christmas season we will be visiting with friends and family in the USA.

This year Walter has been busy with back to back builds, family selection, family interviews, site visits, and follow-up. In February I oversaw our regular Homes of Hope Family Selection Day and received 214 families with interest in receiving a YWAM home, of those 114 went directly to the qualification process which is the first step to receiving a home. We will be doing this again April 19th.

After more than 6 months of leading  our family selection team, this week I have transitioned back into the role as Team Contact for our HOH teams. I will be doing this over the next 6 months or until we can find a more permanent replacement. It involves a lot of time-consuming emails and communications, schedule making, etc…but we will figure out how to make it work.

Oliver has continued in the preschool on base and Reagan has joined him this month. They go 3 or 4 mornings every week and really enjoy it. Adeline just celebrated her first birthday, which is hard to believe. During work hours she hangs with me in the office, taking many needed breaks to go walk or play outside to keep her distracted.

We will be moving house again over this next week! You may say, what, again?!?!? How many times is this?!?! And yes, we are, for the 4th time in 2 1/2 years. But this house is on the same street as the base, behind the new hotel by the OXXO. So this move will be worth it! With us working so much, it will be nice to be within walking distance of the base, and to even be able to work from home during this time of the base being remodeled. The house is bigger, the yard is bigger, and the little extra money we will spend on rent won’t even equal what we were spending on gas every month to drive from our other houses to the base. We are so thankful that God opened the door and that everything is falling into place. We will have a guest room setup for anyone  who wants to visit 😉

Prayer Points for this season: For the work that both of us do and how to balance that and family life which can be very hard, and that God would make it clear to us what we should do for Walter’s visa/green card and whether we should take time away to pursue his citizenship and if so, when.

Below are some pictures from our vacation and other stuff going on over the last 4 months.


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What’s Happening at The Meza’s

Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer…Where does the time go?!?!!

First off, I hope this post finds everyone who reads it healthy, happy, and excited for life. We are now officially about a month and a half into the next season of life here in Ensenada, Mexico. This summer kept us fairly busy. Walter was building periodically; working with family selection for Homes of Hope, interviewing and visiting many families throughout the months of July, August and September; and preparing to start-up his surf ministry. Kelsey slowly began working again for Homes of Hope, this time around overseeing the ministry of family selection. Oliver had time off from the preschool class he attends on the YWAM base and Reagan enjoyed always having his brother to play with (and fight with hehe). Adeline had a very busy summer learning to crawl and pull herself up to stand on anything she thinks she can.

This fall, Walter will be preparing to run his surf ministry regularly. As of now, he has an outside sponsor he is partnering with to help with resources (surfboards, wetsuits, etc) and finances (food and drinks for kids, gasoline for transporting kids, etc) through Aleph Surf Ministries based out of South Africa. Homes of Hope donated bibles and a Quik shade pop-up canopy. Over the last month and a half, Walter has taken the kids to the beach, hiking, out for pizza, and always shares a devotion and short talk with them. Walter has been asked by YWAM leadership to take a CPR course and receive lifeguard training before he can officially begin surf classes with the youth.

Besides the surf ministry, Walter will continue to build regularly and work with Family Selection which Kelsey will continue to oversee for the time being.

Oliver is back in preschool at the YWAM base 3-4 mornings of the week and will be turning 4 the end of this year. Reagan and Adeline will continue to grow and hang out alongside their Mom. Kelsey is on base the same time Oliver is in preschool and most afternoons for them are spent at home. Walter’s schedule always changes.

Life in ministry with children is completely different. But you adapt and learn to make the most of it. This season life we’re in right now is different from any other prior and will be different from the future. Our children won’t always rely on us for EVERYTHING, they won’t want hugs and kisses, they won’t need us. And that is why I, Kelsey, am okay making the sacrifices I’ve had to make the last few years and why I’ve decided to treasure as many moments as I can with my little ones. And I am happy to be a support and help in any way I can within our ministry, Homes of Hope.

We don’t know what the future holds for us, but we know that we serve a GOOD GOD who LOVES us unconditionally. And THAT makes it ALL worth it.

Thank you for your prayers, support, love, and trust in what we do with ministry in YWAM Ensenada. Below are some pictures of our summer.

With Love,

The Meza’s
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver, Reagan, Adeline

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Thank you so much for supporting the ministry that we as a family are so blessed to be a part of here in Mexico.

There are three ways to send staff support.

1) You can make a donation online at:
Please state that the amount is Support for Walter and Kelsey Meza

2) You can also send a check to:
YWAM Accounting
PO box 5417
Chula Vista Ca 91920
Please make the check payable to Youth With a Mission and include a separate note with my name

3) If you would like to set up automatic withdrawal from your checking account you can fill out this attached form and follow the steps to set that up.

Much Love,

The Meza Family
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver, Reagan, and Adeline

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Spring Update

Hello Everyone!

We hope this new post finds everyone happy and doing well!

It is now mid April. Oliver is 2 years and 3 1/2 months old, loves any and all cars (monster trucks in particular). He has started talking and it is so fun watching him progress and learn new things. Reagan is just shy of turning 1 (May 1st). I can’t believe my baby is growing so fast. He has just started standing and walking on his own. For walking he still prefers to hold your hand or walk with something, but I know any day he will move away from that security. Reagan says Mama, Mom and Dada; and he can wave and give kisses and hugs. Both boys are such a delight and I love being their Mom and feel so blessed to have that job!

Walter continues to work with Homes of Hope full-time. He is one of the main builders and also part of the family selection team. They just hosted a day to share about HOH and how to apply and qualify for a home and have been busy doing interviews and site visits the past few weeks.

I am still working with Homes of Hope as the team contact. I work with the teams to organize all the details for their time here in Ensenada. I also schedule all the staff needed for the different teams, who will be doing their transportation and working with them every day. That has been tough sometimes because I am dealing with staff and all their different schedules, trying to make it all work well! On top of all my work with Homes of Hope, I have just finished week 1 of staffing the 3 month Bible Core Course. From now until July 1st I will be attending morning class 3 to 4 days a week and grading the homework of 2 of our 21 students. The last time I worked with the school was 3 years ago while pregnant with Oliver. While I’m in class, Walter is on base with the boys so I can leave if they need me. It’s going to be quite the adjustment for Walter, but it will be good for the 3 of them to have more time together.



Prayers are appreciated though as we just keep staying busy and working hard. We need to find a balance between family and ministry. Some of the things we’ve been working through lately are when to say no, when is it time to step back and take a break, is it wrong to want time off to spend with the family, do you go home to your family after a build or spend time with the team. It’s not easy being in ministry and wanting to invest in that and also having a young family at the same time.

Here’s to the next few months and until I find time to write another blog post! Stay healthy and keep seeking the Lord and His plans! No matter where you are and what you do, He can and will use those who are available to Him.

With Love,
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver & Reagan



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Family, a Wedding,Vacation, Christmas and a Birthday!!!!!

In July, Kelsey was so excited to have her parents, siblings and spouses all come to Ensenada to celebrate the marriage of her brother Jake and now sister-in-law Rebecca. It was the first time the 3 cousins were together and the first time for the whole Miller gang to be together in a couple of years. It was a wonderful 4 days and a beautiful celebration. We can’t wait until Walter has his visa or green card and is able to travel to the USA and spend time with all of Kelsey’s family.

for blog2

In November, we were so incredibly blessed by some friends (basically family) in Canada who wanted to treat us to a week away from work and responsibilities and help us to relax and spend some needed time away as a family. We had been nonstop working for months (seems the usual for us) and were running on empty. It was an amazing time away though! We stayed in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun that was family friendly and plenty to keep the boys occupied. It was Walter’s first time staying at a resort like that and his first time going anywhere and not keeping busy; he was forced to relax and enjoy the moment. I didn’t have to cook or clean or do dishes for a week! We enjoyed hot, sunny weather in the middle of November. The boys enjoyed pool time and beach time. We had so much fun and we felt refreshed and renewed. We are so thankful to have been given this opportunity!!!! God knows when his kids need a little pampering 🙂

For Christmas, we were here in Ensenada and celebrated as a family. I introduced Walter to a few of my family’s traditions. My family sent so many fun things to the boys, we enjoyed time together, and we gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for always going above and beyond for us. It was a great time.

The day after Christmas was Oliver’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe he is two already. He brings us so much joy. He has such a wonderful personality, is friendly, smart and just so much fun to be around. He can be ornery as heck, but we love him so much!
To celebrate we had a car themed day and I made him a race track cake, which he loved. He is slightly obsessed with cars, monster trucks, work trucks…anything on wheels!



Thank you 2015 for bringing us so much joy, laughter, memories, and personal growth. We look forward to 2016 and what’s in store!


Blessings and Love,
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver and Reagan

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Baby Details

So, yes, the time has come to announce if Baby #2 will be a boy or a girl!!! 😀

Here it is….

We are so happy and excited to be getting ready to welcome another little boy into our family! We know that he and Oliver will always have each other. Sure, it will be hard, but anything is possible with God. We feel so privileged to be given the responsibility of raising 2 godly men, and we ask for prayers for wisdom, patience and understanding.

On the 26th, Oliver will be 16 months old. Yes, these 2 boys will be VERY close in age! But that’s okay, we can handle it, God will help us!

for blog14

The Dr. says that baby is ready and will be here any day now! Exciting and scary at the same time! We are scrambling to get things done and make room for another child in our small apartment, preparing for a few of my family members to join, and really hoping that baby can wait until after the 27th when my mom arrives!

We are so blessed and thankful to have my mom and 2 or 3 of my siblings come and be here for the first 3 weeks that baby is with us, and a sister who will be here even past that.

Reagan Alexander Meza born on May 1st at 10:15am, 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 in long. We were blessed with another natural and safe delivery here in Mexico. God had his arms around us the whole time. We are so happy and blessed and so in love!


The Meza Family
Walter, Kelsey, Oliver and Baby Reagan

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About Time!!!

Yes, it is indeed about time I write-up another blog to update all on what’s been going on this year!

Oliver is now 15 months old and all over the place! He loves any kind of sport, preferring soccer, but is also showing interest already in the skateboard or anything that involves being outside. He LOVES books and is such a funny kid who enjoys putting on a show for anyone willing to pay attention to him and laugh 🙂 Everything seems to be his personal jungle gym right now as well, and I can’t turn away for long! We’re still working on his language skills; but he’s for sure got down bye (also his signal for when he is bored somewhere and wither needs a change in scenery or to leave wherever he’s at), shoes, goal/score, vroom, and loves animal sounds.


Loves the outdoors ❤


There are so many children on base now…Oliver is never hurting for socialization!


If there is a ball around, that’s where his attention will be!




Easter Sunday 2015

Walter and I are as busy as ever full-time with Homes of Hope. Our roles have been changing a bit this year and we’re still trying to learn what that is exactly! I am transitioning out of team contact for a time and will be focusing on the ministry of Family Selection and more of the administrative/communications side within the ministry homes of hope and our staff. Walter continues to be a builder, but is also involved in Family Selection, prep for team arrivals, and helping with a new way of doing Family Profiles. Our goal is to be able to film the family’s tell the teams a bit about themselves and show their current living situations for us to send out beforehand to the teams along with the written information they’ve already been getting. We hope this will be a better way to prepare the teams beforehand and give them a neat tool to share their families information within the group, church, and anyone sponsoring the trip. The video’s will have subtitles as well 🙂

Here is a link to a previous trial video we did for a team back in November:

Also, May 22-24 we will be celebrating 25 years of Homes of Hope here in Ensenada/Tijuana! There will be 10 houses will be built in Ensenada and 15 will be built in Tijuana, a big celebration, and lots of hard work! Here is a promo video and info link for anyone interested in coming down to be a part of it:

In June we have another meeting for families to come and hear about Homes of Hope and find out what they need to be able to qualify. We expect a very bit turnout. Walter and I will be part of the team leading that and all the interviews and land visits that follow.

The BIGGEST event coming very soon will be the arrival of our second child, due May 5th! Today marks exactly 4 weeks until the due date. I am so happy to have my Mom and sister (s) coming once again to help out before and after. They arrive the 25th of April to join us in the waiting game 🙂

A special thanks to those who keep us in your prayers and support us as we continue to serve here in Ensenada, Mexico!

A blurry iPhone pic, but the most recent we have of all 3 of us :) Easter Sunday 2015

A blurry iPhone pic, but the most recent we have of all 3 of us 🙂 Easter Sunday 2015


35 weeks pregnant

Look for a blog next week with all the baby details! (Registry, Needs, yes even the GENDER will officially be announced)

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Fall Update…What’s Been Happening With the Meza’s!

Where has the year gone?!?!?

The last time I had a chance to write a blog was while we were in Costa Rica…sadly, I never posted it and it got erased. Costa Rica? Yes, we spent the month of July in Costa Rica at the YWAM base in San Jose helping with Homes of Hope, hosting a team, and training staff from the base in Honduras on how to build. It was a great trip. Oliver did so well on his first International flight! My best friend from Canada met us there, and her parents gave us a place to stay for the last few days of our trip. It was a much-needed time to relax and have fun as a family. Relaxation, something we hadn’t had since Oliver’s arrival.

Before Costa Rica, we were at the base in Tijuana for 3 months while Walter was taking the secondary school on Community Development. Helping with Homes of Hope in Costa Rica and training those from Honduras fit in great with all Walter had learned during the school.

Shortly after returning back to our base in Ensenada, Oliver and I left for our 2nd trip to Alaska to be with my family. We spent just under 4 weeks there. Which made a total of 7 weeks spent with my family in 4 months. They (and the 2 of us) were very thankful for this time together. Oliver has been growing like crazy, and my family enjoyed the time with him and getting to know his personality. They even got to witness his first tooth come in, and the first time he stood all on his own 🙂

Mid September, Oliver and I were back in Ensenada. As soon as I got back, I went right into working with Homes of Hope again. I am back to team contact: contacting the team leaders, organizing all upcoming builds, overseeing the trips, and assigning team captains when we have multiple build weekends.

Walter has continued to work with Homes of Hope as well, as one of the main A builders. When he is not building, he is doing odd jobs around the base to fix the place up, and helping with ministries when it’s needed.

November brings a busy month of house builds and preparing for our big Thanksgiving party! We are still looking at Christmas plans and what we will do to celebrate seeing as though we will probably not have Walter’s visa worked out in time.

With that, please pray for us and the process of getting Walter his visa to go to the USA. We have just started working with a lawyer, and it seems to be a bit more complicated and time-consuming than we had thought.

Here are some pics from Walter’s school in TJ, Costa Rica, Alaska, and recent builds in Ensenada. 🙂


Walter and other students in the Community Development School


Walter with his diploma for completing the Community Development School


The graduating class


Out on a build in Costa Rica 🙂


Last house build in Costa Rica…our group helped build 5 homes in the 3 weeks we were there


Our 2nd house build in CR


Our makeshift bathtub for Oliver while in CR!!


We got to be a part of Christmas in July for a large group of kids in Costa Rica. The team we were hosting partnered with Samaritan’s Purse and passed out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Such an awesome experience for me who helped pack these all growing up!!!


Oliver’s first house build…and it was in Costa Rica. We didn’t do much but watch, interact, and serve lunch…it was a concrete house, hard work!


Walter helping train a staffer from Honduras. This was at the San Jose base.


Serving lunch at a house build 🙂


A completed home in Costa Rica…the 2nd.


Our great friend (Walter refers to him as Dad) came all the way from Canada to Costa Rica to meet Oliver and build a home with Walter.


Family Picture…taken during our family time on our last day!!


Shaving the Styrofoam for the concrete house


September house build in Ensenada


September house build in Ensenada


One of Walter’s base odd jobs…sanding and repainting the staircase railing



Family Picture while Oliver and I were in Alaska

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November, December, January (New Year!), February…oh my!

Seems like ages since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write a new post…I guess it has been as I see over 3 full months have passed since our last update…oops  🙂

As I sit here with my afternoon coffee, dishes done, floor clean, baby sleeping next to me…and think back on all that has happened the past few months, I am overwhelmed with God’s goodness and favor upon my little family.

So much has happened since our last post…I finished off my season as team contact with 2 big events that went extremely well: our big Thanksgiving weekend where we built 9 houses over 5 days, and our big Defender celebration of having built 200 homes together. Walter kept busy as well with building, prepping for house builds, and being part of the team that chooses the families. Things haven’t changed too much for him as far as work goes. I also got to be a part of my last house build for probably the next year until Oliver can go out with us!


(Yes, my eyes are closed in the pic…bummer)


All setup for Defender’s celebration!

Mid-December we were blessed to have my Mom and sister come stay with us and wait for baby’s arrival. And January brought visits of my other sisters, brother and his wife. My family were able to go out with Walter and experience a build with him…some of them got to go twice…I was so happy for that! Finally they got to know such an important part of what we do here. They loved it! 


Walter and Julio finishing up day 1 of build with my brother


Collage of memories from my brother and sisters experience with Walter

It was such a great help to have family here at the beginning and be with me for the transition into being a mom 🙂 I got spoiled with daily coffee’s or chai’s and yummy bakery treats (just what I needed to help get rid of baby weight, haha) and never having to do anything but spend time loving on baby and others. After a month my family left and I have come to know what it’s like to be a full-time mom who still has to take care of things around the house, cook, etc…


Oliver right after he was born…December 26th, 2013 🙂

ipad pics- oliver 224

Auntie Love

New Years Day- 6 days old

New Years Day- 6 days old

Walter still continues with Homes of Hope family selection and building…builds were slow in January and February, and Walter only built 3 between the 2 months. But that gave him and the others more time to focus on the families that have applied for homes. I was going to go back to team contact this month, but we are praying about doing the Community Development School in Tijuana this April and it wouldn’t make sense for me to do my job for 6 weeks and have to find someone to fill in again. So, my replacement will just continue on until after we have completed the 3 month school. That has left me with not a lot to do outside of the house. But that’s alright 🙂 Little Oliver definitely keeps me plenty busy most days!

ipad pics- oliver 348

Happy Baby Faces

ipad pics- oliver 277

My little man ❤   January 28th, 2014

January 8th, 2013- 13 days old

January 8th, 2013- 13 days old

Praise Report:God provided all the funds for the baby’s birth way in advance which was such a blessing to not have to think about! We were also able to buy a car! Yay! It took a long time for us to get it, but God provided the perfect car for us at such a great price! This past weekend, two families who were a part of Walter’s build pledged to pay for the first step in getting Walter’s I-130 petition filed for his green card and the baby’s registration with the States to get his American passport!! God is so good!

Upcoming Endeavors:
*Like I said, we are praying about taking a school in Tijuana. This school will be taught at the Tijuana base April-June. We will be able to do the school as a couple (if I need to skip out on things because of baby, Walter will be there for the both of us…we’ll do our projects together, etc), and that will be so nice! I’ve always wanted to do the school and now Walter would like to as well because of his area of work and future plans; it will be a great help to us. We will still have to rent our apartment in Ensenada and pay all bills, but won’t have to pay for housing in TJ- just the school fee for staff which will be $2,000 for the both of us. 

*Oliver’s passport and Walter’s visa: It is finally time to start the process for Walter’s green card! First we need to register Oliver in the US and get him is American passport, then we can start the green card process. That is also going to require extra funds! Like I said, we have been pledged the amount for the first step…but as Walter’s process moves forward, it will require more.

We plan to take some time here in the near future (God willing!) to live in the States, where we can be with my family (as Walter hasn’t met any extended family of mine), and visit friends and supporters we’ve made during our time here in Ensenada! Walter is interested in going to school for architecture or construction…and we feel that opportunities will be way better for him in the States! So if anyone has job opportunities or connections with universities, and want us close, let us know! 🙂 We are still open as to where God will take us, but of course, Walter hopes it will be close to the ocean!

Prayer Requests:
*Direction as to whether or not we should go to TJ for 3 months to do the school
*Funds for school
*Favor with the Immigration offices
*Doors to open in the States for our near future
*Health…Baby Oliver
*Our work here with YWAM

THANK YOU to each and every one of you who supported us, and continue to do so, through your prayers and financial gifts! You have helped us get to where we are now! Because of you, all of this was possible for us! We can’t thank God enough for bringing you into our lives 🙂 And a big thanks to all of you who sent baby gifts..they were/are very much appreciated!

God bless you! Please come back soon, or visit if you’ve never been 😉

We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering financially with us as we grow.  As full-time staff members of YWAM, we receive no salary and depend on God’s provision and generosity of our support team for our income; we are responsible for raising our own financial support.  We also pay monthly fees to cover our living and food expenses.

If you would like to help support us in this you can donate on-line at:

Walter and Kelsey Meza c/o YWAM San Diego/Baja 100 W 35th St, Suite R National City, CA 91950

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Oliver Kye Elliott Meza

When people say that parenthood changes everything…and that your life will never be the same once you have kids…or that the love a mother has for her children is something indescribable and how she would do anything for them…or that the pain of childbirth is forgotten the second you have your baby in your arms….

Well it’s all true! Or at least for me it was/is 😀

December brought about many things for us…baby showers, the arrival of my mother and sister, transition out of work, prepping the nursery, last-minute shopping for baby, etc…


At the YWAM baby shower

Walter and Mambo painting baby's room

Walter and Mambo painting baby’s room


Baby Shower with Family and Mother-in-Law’s Friends

Christmas was right around the corner and I knew that our baby boy was getting close to coming…so I started asking him to please wait until after it passed 🙂 Christmas Eve, contractions came and went…Christmas day, the same, this time with back pain. In bed Christmas night, I told baby boy he was welcome any time now and thanked him for staying put as I just wanted to make sure he had his own day of celebration.

Around 6 am on Christmas morning I woke up to find myself in early labor. I waited an hour before waking Walter…we went out walking for hours and the contractions only got closer together. So at 11 am, we got my Mom and sister and got things ready to go the hospital. Doctor checked me at about 1:30 pm, by my actions she was convinced I wasn’t far along and still had a while to go…to her surprise I was already a 7 and needed to be prepped right away cause baby was coming soon. I was asked if I wanted an epidural, and said NO! If I was going to give birth naturally, I was going to do it ALL natural. Shortly after, my water was broke, and at 3:46 pm, we had our baby boy. Walter was the only one with me during his birth, but afterwards we were surrounded by family and friends who came to welcome our baby boy. Afterwards, Walter kept telling me- “you didn’t scream, you didn’t squeeze my hand, you didn’t even sweat”…haha…I think I surprised him!We decided not to announce the name to anyone before he was born (partly because we were undecided and wanted to have him in our arms, and also just the fun of the surprise and making everyone hold out); on the morning of the 27th we announced his name to everyone – Oliver Kye Elliott Meza. Oliver was born in Ensenada, Mexico on December 26th weighing 8 pounds 1 ounce and being 21 inches long. Absolutely perfect! Exactly what I/we always prayed for…and more! We are so in love!

ipad pics- oliver 182 ipad pics- oliver 160 ipad pics- oliver 161 ipad pics- oliver 162

Oliver is now 7 1/2 weeks as I sit and write this post. From his first week with us he has shown an incredible amount of strength and awareness. His first smile also happened within the first week. At 2 weeks he giggled at me. He now recognizes his Dad and I and greets us with smiles and joy all the time. He “talks” like crazy and loves interaction, being read to, listening to music or being sung to…and is so alive. He gets bored easy, so he definitely keeps me busy as we go from room to room, toy to toy, from one position to another, and so on…he even holds his head up all the time (has for weeks now) and does so well during tummy time.
He is growing way too fast already! I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months since he came into our lives as a little tangible being.

God has blessed us beyond what we could have ever imagined! I am so thankful for each day I get to spend with him and know God has BIG plans for this guy! He has brought so much joy into our lives and we couldn’t  imagine what life would be like without him…he is such a little lover boy!

Thank you to everyone who kept us in your prayers during all this and continue to do so…and thank you to all who sent baby gifts or support! We greatly appreciate it and it has not gone unnoticed!

Enjoy these photos of him over the past 7 weeks!


December 27th, 2013- 1 day old


February 14, 2014

ipad pics- oliver 346

February 10, 2014

ipad pics- oliver 186

January 3, 2014- 8 days old

ipad pics- oliver 328

February 6, 2014- 6 weeks old

ipad pics- oliver 284

January 30, 2014- 5 weeks old

ipad pics- oliver 276

January 28, 2014

ipad pics- oliver 180

December 28, 2013- 2 days old

ipad pics- oliver 168

December 28, 2013- 2 days old

ipad pics- oliver 156

December 27, 2013- 1 day old

ipad pics- oliver 312

January 9, 2014- 2 weeks old

ipad pics- oliver 201

January 14, 2014- 19 days old


February 14, 2014- 7 weeks and 1 days

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