September Update!!

We are 3 short months away from welcoming our baby into the family! How exciting is that?!?!?! We have been blessed in that our baby has been developing perfectly and the pregnancy has taken very well. Baby is very active now that there is still room to move around. I often find myself watching my stomach and being entertained by how strong the movements are, at the same time. Slowly but surely we have begun to prepare for the big day…no name yet, but we have a list of a few to think over.

As far as base work/activities go, the first week of this month we were all at our base in Tijuana Del Mar for a week to help out with the bi-annual University of the Nations conference. It was said that we had over 700 YWAMers from all over the world attending. It took a lot of prep work to get ready, and clean-up time afterwards, but everything went very well! It was so great to hear about what other bases are doing around the world and get to share with them about Homes of Hope and the other ministries we do. Everyone was working long, hard days to make things function properly. I worked in the café/sales area every morning from 7am to 10am and then sat in the conference for the rest of the day, some nights until 9:30/10pm. Walter was on duty for setting up rooms, taking out trash, filling water, etc. There was a group that were there for a week of prep, the week of the conference, and the week after; Walter spent 2 weeks there helping out.

During all of the craziness with the conference, I was still hosting teams here in Ensenada. We had a small team from Washington build a house, another from Texas, 8 men from Missouri who tackled a house with no problems, and just had 60 people build 4 houses to finish out the month here. They were all amazing groups to work with!


The house we recently built for a family of 6…their boys were so gracious, polite, and kind…I loved seeing them receive an actual home!


Walter’s updated one of his special touches and made a bigger built-in shelf for the family!

We have a week break from teams that will give us a chance to get some things done before the next wave of craziness begins mid-October non stop through the month of November.

Walter and 2 other guys from our base spent the last few days helping a family to build their home. This isn’t being done by a team; a family Oscar met had bought all the lumber needed to build their own home, but didn’t have the skill or ability to do it. So Oscar and the guys decided they would help. It is a bit bigger than your typical Homes of Hope house, but it came along well.

Tomorrow, Walter will be leaving with 4 others from the base on a 20+ hour drive south to Sinaloa. Sinaloa was recently devastated by Hurricane Manuel, and in a lot of need. A local pastor donated food for 400 people. The guys received many more donations of clothes, toys, blankets, medical supplies, and other things to fill two 15 passenger vans. They will drive down, spend a couple of days helping and giving away the donations, and then make the drive back home. Please keep them in your prayers as they make the long drive and be a blessing to as many as they can!


Eddie and Emma sorting through some of the donations

During that time, I will get to go to California to spend some time with my Mom, Nana, and 2 of my siblings who will be competing in martial arts competitions in LA over the weekend. Definitely looking forward to that, it’s been way too long!! I haven’t seen any of my siblings (except for Katy) since Walter and I got married last March, and have only seen my parents a handful of times. It’ll be a quick visit, 2 days, but definitely better than nothing!

Prayer Points Going into October:
*Walter’s relief trip to Sinaloa
*Continued health for baby
*That God continues to use us as we seek Him to expand our ministry here in Ensenada

Thanks again to everyone out there who supports us, especially in prayer, we really appreciate it and love doing what God has called us to do for this time! Please come visit! (or bring a group and build a house with us) 🙂

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Someone recently got a hold of my blog from my Dad’s personal Facebook page and publicly posted it in an article from an Alaska-based publication. The article included a picture and link to the blog for those interested in seeing it. It has even been added to Twitter now. The article was very negative towards Walter, myself, and my father; who was a political figure in Alaska and is still involved in politics.

Sadly, I have even received rude, negative comments on here about what Walter and I do with our lives. Honestly, I don’t care what people think, and they can say whatever they want to, it’s just not their place to publicly judge us and what we do and spread that over the internet.

So to those who keep visiting our page and using it negatively…I’ve got a message for you:

Shame on you Alaska Dispatch and shame on you everyone who has posted rude comments and facilitated the spread of their article. You don’t know me and my family; probably don’t even know my dad and who he really is, aside from all the lies you read on stupid, biased political pages. It’s not your place to judge those you don’t know. If you want to judge, then why not ask us personally instead of thinking you understand what is going on and speculating you know everything. This is a private blog and tool we use to update friends, family, and those who have partnered with us here in Ensenada. I do not appreciate how you took this, made it public, and twisted around the facts to turn it into some anti-Joe Miller political piece (you couldn’t even get your facts straight about his political views… so next time do your research before you start telling lies). I also do not appreciate the fact that you put up a picture along with the link to my blog for all to see. I don’t live in Alaska anymore; and after the way my Dad and family were treated back in 2010 (and I got a glimpse of just how corrupt Alaskan politics are)- I will never go back. Personally, I’m not involved in Alaskan politics either. So why do you feel the need to target me, and at the same time, attempt to harm my Dad and his political path?

This fundraising piece was specifically written to individuals who are already supporting us or involved in what we do. I don’t expect everyone to understand why we do what we do here in Mexico, nor do I expect every person out there to give to us financially. And honestly, I could care less what people think of it and what they have to say about it. But let me help you get some of the facts straight.

Yes, we volunteer for a Christian organization of missionaries, Youth With A Mission. YWAM is an international non-profit, with more than 1,000 locations in over 180 countries with more than 18,000 full-time staff who are also doing the same we are and fundraising to cover expenses, it’s a basic procedure, nothing new people! This is not for everyone…and it is definitely not a way to skip out on responsibility and be “freeloaders” as some have put it. We work hard, and we work hard every day of the week. We work with dirt poor Mexican families who make as little as $250 a month. This $250 has to pay for their food, clean drinking water, water if you are unable to have running water, electricity if you are so lucky as to even be in a location where there is electricity available, transportation to and from work, and your children’s school fees as all families must pay for books and uniforms here no matter what school it is. Not everything is cheap here. We have an after-school program for kids and a support group for Moms; we partner with local churches and orphanages; we have a skate ministry and a surf ministry in the planning stages. We host teams from churches, Catholic schools, public schools, YPO groups, CWAM, Defender Direct, and other businesses; and have groups that bring relief to areas affected by natural disasters; we run spring and summer camps for both local youth and youth coming from outside Mexico (just to name a few). We don’t live like tourists in Mexico. Mexican tourism isn’t even the same that it was years ago thanks to lying media.

Trust me, we do know what safe sex is and we practiced plenty of it without fail until we did get pregnant (it wasn’t planned, but every once in a while safe sex fails and we’re not going to get rid of the baby just because it wasn’t at the planned moment). I could have very easily said I was a resident of California and received free health care for low-income pregnant women, and WIC from the government…after all I live so close, right? But no, I’ve decided to be honest and go about things the right way and will not cheat or lie. I do not take from the government like so many other Americans do, and I’m not taking from any individuals either. All we are doing is asking, and it never hurts to ask.

If you knew us, you would know that Walter is starting a surf ministry for local kids in poor communities, and for this reason is in need of a truck/SUV. Compact cars do not get you into very many places when you are having to drive through dirt roads, and roads that don’t have proper drainage systems when it rains. (the surf ministry is not an every day, all day thing Walter will do…he will do it on the side- when he is not building or working with a visiting outreach team…the ministry is to give kids an opportunity to get out of their communities, learn something new and encourage them to stay away from drugs and falling into the common tramps out there for all youth…if you are familiar with christian mission work, you have to get creative when working with today’s youth).

And our dogs (2) are rescue dogs. One was given to us because they couldn’t take care of her and didn’t want to see her with diseases, fleas, and on the streets ; the other we rescued from a homeless man who would steal dogs, beat them and then kill them when he found a new one.

No, I’m not an idiot…I just prefer to help those people who are honest, truly in need, not cheating off their government/tax payers, and who are appreciative of any help they are given. And for now that is what I will do. We’ve had good jobs, we’ve studied, and we’ve lived your average lifestyle; but for a time, we will be living life differently from most. We are using our lives to help and serve others in a foreign country and bring hope to those who have nothing. We’re not ashamed of what we do, nor are we begging for your charity; this is just a part of what being a “missionary” is for us and the organization we have chosen to volunteer with.

Again this blog/plea was not written for the general public, it was written to those familiar with what we do and have participated with us in what we do. To those who respond and will support us in this, thank you, you know what this means to us and how much we appreciate it…if you’ve been here and worked with us, you know it first hand.

Please stop with the harassment’s and leave Joe Miller’s children and their private lives out of your dirty work and twisted agenda!!! Show some respect people!!! If you don’t know what you’re talking about or have never participated in what we’re doing, then quit criticizing that which you have no right to!

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Special Fundraising Need: Baby’s Birth and New Car

We are in need of 2 very important things before December: money to pay for the expenses of the birth of our baby and money to buy a new car (before baby’s arrival) as we are currently without one.

For the baby’s birth we are looking at needing to raise $3,500 to cover all the hospital expenses and paperwork for dual-citizenship. We decided that the baby will be born here in Ensenada. I have been seeing a really good doctor who is also a very strict and professional teacher for the medical students here at the University. So far I am happy with her and the way she treats me/us. She takes her time with me, and I don’t feel like just another patient of hers.

For the car we are looking at needing to raise between $5,000 and $7,000. We are looking for a V4/V6 4 door truck or SUV that will work well for our small family, dogs, and Walter’s surfboards. Walter is in the planning stages of starting a surf ministry. He will be going into the poor communities and inviting kids to come receive surf lessons and have fun without a cost; something that they would never be able to do. He will involve other local surfers with the hope of making it into a community outreach project. We won’t be able to do any of this without a vehicle. We’re not looking for a brand new car, or anything fancy…just something that runs well and will get us around safely. The reason for the SUV/truck is that we will need to pull a trailer at times, and most communities are hard to reach if you have a compact car. Roads are all dirt and there is no proper drainage system, so when it rains, the roads are sometimes impossible to drive on.

Our Goal is to raise $10,000 by December, specifically to cover these 2 needs of ours.
**25% raised already…$7,500 to go!!! **

It’s a lot, but we keep it in daily prayer and know God will provide for our needs. He has yet to disappoint us and always goes above and beyond our expectations.

We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering financially with us as we grow.  As full-time staff members of YWAM, we receive no salary and depend on God’s provision and generosity of our support team for our income; we are responsible for raising our own financial support.  We also pay monthly fees to cover our living and food expenses.

A BIG THANKS to those who have already been supporting us…we very much appreciate it 🙂

If you would like to help support us in this you can donate on-line at: and

or you can mail check/money to:

Walter and Kelsey Meza c/o YWAM San Diego/Baja 100 W 35th St, Suite R National City, CA 91950

or directly deposit to our bank: Wells Fargo- Kelsey Higgins Routing #125200057

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August HOH Highlight

photo 2photo 1

This past weekend Walter and I got to be a part of a build with a team from Defender Direct, a company that faithfully sends down their employees from all over the States multiple times throughout the year and supports our base and staff in many different ways. It was such a great weekend, the weather was great, everyone had fun and worked together. We built for a family of 5. The husband is a full-time pastor and his wife helps him with that and takes care of their 3 children. They were very blessed and thankful to have received a real home of their own.
During the build, some young boys came up to Walter and asked him if he remembered them. They gave him some letters and pictures they had drawn explaining that he had built a house for them 2 years ago. They drew beautiful pictures of their house and wrote about how thankful they were for what Walter and the group that came back then had done for them. They then followed Walter around the rest of the weekend wanting to help him build a home for another family. It was really neat to see a glimpse of what this ministry means to kids like that and how great of an impact it has on them. Hopefully that will stay with them and they will grow up to help others around them just like they did last weekend!photo 4

God is good and we were blessed with yet another great weekend of being the hands and feet of Jesus for the needy in this community! A team of 11 from Wenatchee, Washington came down to build for another family of 5. The wife is a teacher and her husband lost his job with a real estate company a few months back. They lead a decent life before things went bad. Their youngest son is handicapped and in need of special education. When the husband lost his job, they couldn’t afford to continue to paying rent and all the family expenses and had to move to their empty property. They had been living in tents with all of their furniture outside covered in tarps, months later they found out about YWAM  and applied for a house. It was an amazing family and the team really connected with them. When it came time for the house dedication, they called for the mom who had not been able to be a part of the 2nd day of building due to receiving news that her father had been hospitalized and was sick. When the Mom came and saw her finished house, she was beside herself with joy and thankfulness. After the team shared words of encouragement with the family and they were given the keys to their house, the most touching moment I have ever experienced at the end of a build happened…with tears in his eyes, the husband gave the keys to his wife…she held the keys together between their hands and fell into his arms crying. At that moment you could tell just how rough it has been on them lately. At that time, the wife was told to open her home and go inside…because she had not been around that day, she had no idea that the house was full of furniture and gifts that the team had brought…and the most prized possession, a stove. She let out a huge gasp of surprise as she entered which brought so much joy to each one of us watching outside. It brought tears to my eyes, which doesn’t always happen when I see this done so often. There was just something about this build that really affected me and made me so happy and thankful for this family and the team who sacrificed so much to provide this.

God is good…He knows when we are in need and if we are faithful to Him and seek Him, He will provide. Just like he did for this family 🙂

Thanks to everyone who supports us, allowing us to have moments like this and stories to share! There’s no way we could do it without each and every one of you!


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The Meza Family is Growing :D

Back in late April we received a very welcomed surprise…a positive pregnancy test. It wasn’t something we had necessarily planned, due to walter not having his American papers yet, but obviously God knew it was time for us to trust him more and move into this new season!

We are very happy and excited to be welcoming baby Meza the end of December. We have decided to find out the sex of the baby, and should know by the end of the month 🙂

Because of Walter being unable to cross the border, we are praying about where the baby will be born. I, of course, want walter to be there for the birth of his baby, which would require having everything done here in Ensenada. Hopefully God works everything out for the best and gives my family and ourselves peace about the situation.

Prayer Points for this post:
*healthy baby and good pregnancy
*clarity about where baby will be born and peace for all regarding that decision
*quick processing of Walters paperwork

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BCC Graduation!!

imageAfter 3 long, hard months, we had the pleasure of seeing our 9 BCC students graduate on June 28th. A couple of the students shared about their experience and what they learned…it’s awesome to hear about how much God revealed about His Word to each and every student that takes the school. It’s also encouraging to us staff to know the impact that this can have on each individual. Even as staff, I feel like I learned so much this time around by sitting in class during lectures and reading through the students homework.

The last week of June, walter and I had some good friends from Canada visit. They are supporters, and practically another set of parents to walter and his brother. It was nice to be Abe to enjoy time with them. After the school ended I took a few days to go spend time in San Diego with 3 girls from my DTS over the 4th of July holiday, which was very nice.

Now that I have completed my time with the school, I will be going back to work with HOH as team contact. Along with that, walter and I will also be hosting teams that one to do outreach and are not apart of the Mission Adventures program.

We’re looking forward to the summer and seeing how God continues to use us in this community, both YWAM and the city itself 🙂


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Quick Update on What We’re Doing :)

We’ve been home now for 6 weeks and have been busy-busy ever since. Walter still loves what he does and has been kept busy with house builds every weekend and preparing the tools and materials for them during the week. In 2 weeks they will have 7 houses being built and everyone on base will be involved in one way or another. Pretty exciting to see numbers grow and have big weekends liek that again!

Meanwhile, I have been busy staffing the Bible school, spedning my weekends grading homework and preparing for the coming week.

We have 3 staff, the 2 school leaders, and 11 students. 6 of the 11 students are current YWAM staff, 3 of the other 5 are Americans, while the other 2 are a Mexican and a South African from Indian decent. It’s been really neat to have some of our YWAM staff take this time to dedicate to growing their Biblical foundation and understand the Word on a deeper level. I saw a statistic that says less than 10% of the church have read the entire Bible, thats pretty sad if we say that we learn about God and His character through His Word.

This is my 3rd time with the school, and I continue learning new things each time.

We are completing week 5 of 12. So far we have studied Philemon, Ephesians, Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1&2 Kings and Amos. We are studying at least one book from every type of literature throughout the Bible, using the Inductive Study Method. Along with our classes, we will also be reading through the entire Bible out-loud over the 12 weeks. It’s always neat to read the books together in order and understand the context…it really helps to get why seemingly random books are in the Bible and what their purpose was.

I’ve also joined a group of others among the Ensenada and Tijuana bases who will read books focused on community development and meet to discuss how we can apply those principles and what we  learn from others, to what we are doing at our bases. I’m excited to see where this leads!


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Yay for 1 year Anniversaries :)

Back in March, Walter surprised me with a 3 1/2 week trip to South Mexico to celebrate our First Anniversary. I was so excited and so happy to be able to finally get away and spend some alone time wit054h my husband. It was very much needed and appreciated (thanks to all those who helped him)!! We spend the first 2 1/2 weeks alone…we traveled to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Belieze City and Caye Caulker Island, Belize. It was so beautiful!! While in Cancun, we toured downtown, saw the tourist zone by day, went to the beach, went to the big market…

In Playa del Carmen we enjoyed the beautiful beach and downtown, went to Cozumel and spent a day riding a scooter around the island, and saw Chichen-Itza…

photo (2)082

201In Tulum, it rained, but we did get to spend more time at the beach and go to the natural aquariam/water park Xel-Ha thanks to some good friends who gave us the tickets for our anniversary gift (it was amazing, beautiful and Walter’s favorite place we went during the vacation)…281

To end our time, we took a 10hr bus to Belize City…we went all the way inside to country to just a few miles north of the Guatemala border and stayed in a city called San Ignacio…we walked around Belize City for a morning before taking a water taxi to the small island of Caye Caulker. 412 320


We then returned to Cancun where we flew to Sinaloa. In Sinaloa, we spent some time in Culiacan, and at the YWAM base in Mazatlan before going to Guamuchil to spend the last few days getting to know Walter’s family.

It was an amazing trip…we had fun…but it was so nice to come home too!photo (3)

1 day later and we were back to work full-time with YWAM. Walter with HOH, and I started full-time prep for the Bible School.

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Holidays at the Meza’s

Right now I am sitting at home, playing with the puppies and enjoying my time off from teaching. Walter went out building to help a very small team of 7 who were in need of extra hands. I decided now would be as good a time as ever to finally update our blog! I hope to find each one of you happy, healthy, and enjoying God’s many blessings.

For starters, I finished up the school semester on the 14th. To celebrate, we had classroom parties all day and the kids, with much excitement, got to come without their uniforms and just to have fun. Walter and I are on vacation until the 7th of January, but it already seems to be going  way too quickly.

IMG_0514          IMG_0507

To start off the vacation time, I got to go to YWAM’s annual staff conference and Christmas party with Walter. It had been months since the last time I was abke to go to the Tijuana base with him, and it was nice to catch up with people from there.

My sister Katy went home to Alaska for Christmas and New Years. It was kinda sad to drop her off at the airport and know that I would be returning to Mexico and not going with her to my family. But thats what happens when you get married, you have 2 families to split your time between. Makes it even more complicated when the 2 families are from 2 different countries.

Since I wasn’t going to be home for Christmas, I made Walter help me to decorate our apartment. We bought a big, beautiful tree, put up lights and other little decorations. It helped to bring a but more of the holiday spirit into our place 🙂

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated the Mexican way with some of Walter’s family. It was my first time to experience how Mexican’s celebrate this holiday. We ate Christmas dinner around 11pm, then at midnight everyone said Merry Christmas and shared hugs with everyone. Afterwards, it was time for presents. Most families party until 3 or 4 am, but we said goodnight before 2. Once thats all over, Christmas is pretty much over too and people just enjoy the day off by relaxing. Quite different from what we do at home! I missed the candlelight church service, the Christmas songs, Christmas story, and all of my families traditions. But it’s always nice to experience what others do, and start making our own family traditions.
Christmas Day we went with 9 other friends for a 3 1/2 hr drive up to a mountain where it snows this time of the year. We didn;t know what to expect, but when we got there, we found more snow than I thought we would. We spent the afternoon playing in the snow, the boys even tried to snowboard. Chloe and Maverick even got to experience their first snow, but I don’t think they were fans, haha.

We did have a White Christmas after all!!

321260_10151398554030719_1264125477_n          530359_10151398598860719_845997706_n (2)

We have about a week before it’s back to reality, back to YWAM, and back to teaching. Needless to say, we have enjoyed our time to relax and spend the day at home with each other- something we haven’t been able to do much in the last few months.

We hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year, and may it be better than the one before!
Lots of Love,
Walter and Kelsey

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New Additions to the Family

I had been wanting a dog for awhile, and I thought that now that Walter and I are settled into our apartment, now would be a good time to get one. After asking Walter many times for a puppy, he finally gave in. One night while sitting at home with my sister and Walter, we had a visitor who brought the puppy that Walter bought for me. To my surprise, Walter bought a chihuahua puppy. Not exactly the breed of dog I wanted, or asked for, but it was better than nothing. Walter told me we would start out small and go from there. After struggling to pick a name for her, we decided to go with Chloe.


About 2 weeks later, I asked Walter to go OXXO for me and pick up something I needed for dinner. While he was gone, he saw the homeless guy that “lives” on the land in front of the base. He had a puppy with him. This guy is known for his dogs, and known for how badly he treats them. He seems to have a new one every week, and nobody has any idea of where he finds them. Walter asked him about the puppy…one thing turned into another…and Walter comes home with our second puppy. We have no idea what breed he is, but the vet believes he is a schnauzer mix of some sort. We named him Maverick.


Needless to say, our little family has grown in the last month!!

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